• All devices connected to a TCBOE network default to a more stringent filtering option by default when connecting to the internet.

  • Devices used by staff of TCBOE are allowed to authenticate and receive a more relaxed filtering protocol.

  • Most Windows PCs that are connected to the network automatically authenticate when a staff member logs in and will be placed in the staff filtering group.

  • Staff members who use other devices (and occasionally even a Windows PC), that are not able to access certain web pages due to blocks by iBoss, may manually authenticate with the iBoss and be able to access the less restrictive filtering protocol. Note: due to the way iBoss handles encrypted websites (https vs http), not all blocked websites will present a “blocked page”. They may just show a blank page.

Procedure to manually authenticate to iBoss:

  1. Got to iboss.tcboe.org/login
    iBoss Login.PNG

  2. Log in with your TCBOE username (without @tcboe.org) and password.

A window will open stating “You have successfully logged in.”
You must keep the "Internet Access Window" open to remain logged in.
You may minimize this window and open another browser or you may click on "Continue" to open the session window in another window and continue browsing the web.
iBoss Session Window.PNG